Integrated software for developing cross-platform applications
The WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile environments are compatible and share project elements. It has never been easier to build multi-target applications.
Southern African Distributor
Riebens Computers Pty Ltd

46 Eksteen Street


Western Cape


South Africa

Phone: + 27 28 722 2705
Email: sales @ windevsa . co . za
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Montpellier Headquarters
3, rue Puech Villa
BP 444 08
34197 Montpellier Cedex 05
Phone: + 33 467 032 032 
Fax: + 33 467 030 787 
Email: info @ windev . com
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Paris Office,


142 Champs Elysées Avenue

75008 PARIS


Phone: + 33 148 014 888

Email: info @ windev . com

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Worldwide Resellers
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Technical Support
Free Technical Support for

So how does does Free Technical Support work?

The Technical Support is free for the currently sold versions for customers that purchased directly from us (your only cost to you is your method of connecting with us).

The Free Technical Support is available by e-mail (sales @, which is the recommended method to use.

Before contacting the Free Technical Support

Just before contacting the Free Technical Support service, we strongly advise you to consult the FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") and do a search in the PCSOFT Forum, along with  a search in the Community Forums, which very often contains the answer to the question you're asking.

Additional suggestions before sending in your Support Request...

How to contact the Free Technical Support?

The Technical Support only handles questions directly related to WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile. We does not provide support for pure SQL, for other vendor's databases, network server configurations or client workstations, API, the configuration of WEB servers, etc... That support can be obtained via Consulting Services.

We only provides free support for PcSoft and Riebens software products. If you require support for other vendor's features of products, please contact them directly.

The Free Technical Support is available in English by e-mail.

Is there other forms of support or assistance?

There is in addition to the Free Technical Support, a personalized support and/or assistance service from a PC SOFT engineer. They can provide support and/or assistance to you with your application development, on your premises anywhere in the world (booking are made for minimum 1 to maximum 5 days). This service is called "Consulting".

This information are subject to changed without notice.